R107 mercedes interior

If you are only looking for replacement convertible tops, go to our Convertible Tops Page and browse our selection of Mercedes-Benz Convertible Tops. Convertible Top FAQs. Mercedes-Benz, much like any other car manufacturer, stops making replacement parts for its cars a certain number of years after the car itself is no longer in production.

Our warehouse contains thousands of patterns of seat covers, carpet sets, convertible tops, headliners and other soft-trim parts for Mercedes models from as far back as the s. One of the main missions of the company is to be able to provide parts that the original manufacturer can no longer provide and as such we continue to add to our database as the need arises for certain parts and as new generations of cars become old.

Call or e-mail us to ask if we have the Mercedes part that you need! We also understand that not everyone needs to have imported original materials, so we also provide high quality and more economical domestic alternatives. No matter what material we use to manufacture our products, the same expert craftsmanship goes into everything that we produce, our ultimate goal is complete customer satisfaction. No picture can replace seeing and feeling the color and texture of the actual material being considered.

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We offer high quality sprayable dyes with a wide range of colors including all Mercedes factory colors. We also offer basic floor mats that are customized for your car as well as the vintage coco mats found in classic Mercedes sports cars. We also have sheepskin seat coversas well as top care and leather care products for the maintainance of your convertible tops and leather seat covers.

All of the raw materials that we use in making our products are also available for sale. Call or e-mail us to speak to an experienced sales representative to help you figure out what you need for your Mercedes!

How to Find out the Interior Color of a Mercedes Benz

Over the years, different terminologies have been used for the same parts. To minimize confusion we've collected many of the different names to give customers some reference to the different Alfa Romeo, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari, Fiat and Jaguar trim parts that vary in terminology around the world.

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Mercedes-Benz R107 and C107

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Project List.Mercedes Benz uses individual codes to describe the colors on different parts of their vehicles. Interior color codes identify interior components, such as leather seating or dashboards. If you need to touch up or replace these interior components, knowing the Mercedes interior color code or color will be useful. He can use this information to find out your vehicle's original interior colors.

R107 Mercedes Benz Roadster 450SL Convertible Interior Video

Check your original purchase sticker. Typically, these stickers highlight many vehicle options, including interior colors or color codes. Look for your Mercedes data card in your owner's manual. It provides a series of numbers that represent different vehicle options, including colors. Take the card to your Mercedes dealer to help you decipher all the codes, if descriptions are not available. View the Mercedes Benz World Forum.

As ofsome member posts provide a list of all interior color codes for cloth, artificial leather and genuine leather seats.

r107 mercedes interior

You should verify the accuracy with a Mercedes dealer. Step 2 Check your original purchase sticker. Step 3 Look for your Mercedes data card in your owner's manual. References M. Photo Credits supersport image by rogeriomarcos from Fotolia.The Mercedes-Benz R and C are sports cars which were produced by Mercedes-Benz from throughbeing the second longest single series ever produced by the automaker, after the G-Class.

It was the only Mercedes roadster during its entire production. The SLC C derivative was a 2-door hardtop coupe with normal rear seats. The early SL are very rare and were available with an optional 4 speed fluid coupling automatic gearbox. The 4sp auto were quick cars for the day with miles in 8seconds. In addition, the rare cars were fitted with Bosch electronic fuel injection. Sales in North America began inand cars wore the name SL, but had a larger 4.

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US cars sold from through used the Bosch D Jetronic fuel injection system, an early electronic engine management system. US models sold from through used the Bosch K Jetronic system, an entirely mechanical fuel injection system.

All US models used the 4. In September the SLC 5. The SLC 5. Starting intheand SLC 5. At the same time, the cars received a very mild makeover; the 3-speed automatic was replaced by a four-speed unit, returning to where the R started in with the optional 4 speed automatic SL 3. Both these models are sought by collectors today. Following the discontinuation of the SLC in Septemberthe series continued initially as theand SL.

At this time, the V8 engines were re-tuned for greater efficiency, lost a few hp and consumed less fuel- this largely due to substantially higher numerically lower axle ratios that went from 3.

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Also inthe Bosch KE Jetronic was fitted. The final car of the 18 years running series was a SL painted Signal red, built on 4 August ; it currently resides in the Mercedes-Benz museum in StuttgartGermany.

R and C cars were exported to the US with low compression 4. The faster SLC 5. The SL was produced until The smaller engined SL replaced the SL from to The more powerful SL with 5.

This drove many customers to obtain the car in the " gray market. Despite the larger 5. Model years and SLs suffered from vapor lock and hard restart because of the under-bonnet position of the catalytic converter. Starting in MYthe catalytic converter was moved to replace the resonator, located just behind the transmission in the exhaust system.

These early models were plagued with chain failure problems and the problem was corrected by Mercedes-Benz, free of charge. Some models, however, escaped retrofit and may at some point fail as a result.

r107 mercedes interior

Another problem area for late SLs was the automatic climate control system. Based on a "servo," which controlled coolant flow to the heater core, as well as vacuum to actuate the vents in the interior of the car, the system proved unreliable.R SL production spans nearly two-decades, with a variety of different drivetrains offered between both Euro and US-spec cars along the way.

The R was the first SL to receive a V8, and its smooth and torquey delivery is in keeping with the overall character of the car. Features include a matching hardtop, a black convertible top, fog lights, and an aftermarket Alpine CD head unit.

The car spent time in New York, Illinois, and Florida before it was…. The car was reportedly imported to the U. A cosmetic and mechanical refurbishment was performed over the next two years and…. This Mercedes-Benz SL reportedly remained with the same family from March until the selling dealer acquired it in December It is finished in Blue-Black Metallic over a Beige leather interior, and power is supplied by a 5.

Features include a matching hardtop, a black…. The car is finished in Nautical Blue Metallic with a dark blue soft top over a gray leather interior, and power is provided by a 5. This Mercedes-Benz SL is finished in red over a beige interior, and power is supplied by a 4. The seller is said to have acquired the car from its original owner in California inrelocated it to Minnesota, and added approximately 20k of its indicated k miles.

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Learn how it works. Have one? Sell yours here Notify me when one is listed. Reserve not met. Technically Interesting: Dr. Show More Loading more auctions.

Rare Euro Alloy 5. Show More Loading more stories.The U. The chassis was Mercedes first V8 SL. Throughout its entire 18 year production it was available as a 2 seat convertible with removable hardtop.

It was a far more bulky car than its lithe predecessorbut also had many more creature comforts. Air-conditioning was now standard, and automatic transmission was standard on American cars.

Over the years the engine displacement varied, but the basic shape never changed during production. Only some detail changes were made to the interior and exterior. Some changes to the chassis and suspension were made to the that can not be retrofitted to earlier models. If you have a European Spec. Model most parts will interchange but there may be differences in headlights, bumpers, and engine parts. Hardware Specialty Tools Used Parts.

It can be restored but it takes a special power tool and hard work. Body and Exterior Trim. Nothing like a good smooth working power or manually operated non tilting sunroof up to ! If is seems too good to be true - then in this case it is true!

Fixing brakes is not difficult and can save you hundreds. Efficient and affordable pressure bleeding, system flush and fluid capture is here for all. Applies to late and chassis and all chassis to Climate Control. No heat or heat all the time are common problems with to models with automatic controls. A common problem on all models. The Differentials are very rugged.

It is the associated parts that usually fail due to age and high mileage. Driveline and rear end.

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Sign of worn part when driving over rough ground. Knowing your rear suspension design and theory will help troubleshoot a problem.It is easy to get lost in the daunting sea of model years, engines, country-specific specs, and general troubleshooting when we talk about the Mercedes-Benz W I get it, driving feels better than spending lots of hours learning about the W Actually, I find that thrilling and very fun to deal with.

Heck, even the denomination can get a bit confusing. But the MB community have adopted the W to simplify things. The W SL Pagoda was on production during 8 years, and not that many were sold, making it hard to find a good unit. Fortunately, the W has been in production for many years, 18 for the R SL. So, being made in such large quantities, we can expect to see a lot of neglected cars and, hopefully, a lot of great cars.

Though the building quality of the R and C is quite sturdy hence the 18 year life spanit does have some weak spots and general aspects to bear in mind, just like any classic car. I try to get as many information as I can to better assess its history, value and state.

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Whenever I check a R, C or even W Pagoda for sale, one of the first steps I take is to decode the data plate and see the original equipment and model. From there, I can do a quick first run to see it this could be a matching numbers car fully confirmed by a MB Data Card check afterwards and if it keeps all the original options and nothing weird is going on. Then, I can take my time and do a more thorough inspection. Since it takes me a little while to manually check all the data from the many lists that are posted online, and I do check quite a lot of Mercedes, I spent some time building this data plate decoder.

I decided to make it public so you can use it freely and avoid getting bored to death while trying to decode the plate. Happy hunting! The data plate evolved through the years. Model code baumuster :. Steering and transmission code:. Serial number if any :. Just put the number code down here. The option codes stamped in this plate only refers to those that affect the building process. You can check the data card of your to check for more options.

This can be applied to many classic cars for sale out there, and the W is no exception here. Sure, we all want a mint condition, low-mileage unit. But, has it been serviced regularly and used sparingly during all these years? So, that A good service record proves two highly important things:. The owner s are likely to have been careful with the car.

Plus, having the service records is a vital part when it comes to document the history of the car, which, at least for me and a good part of the classic car community, matters as much as the car itself.

r107 mercedes interior

This is completely subjective. I love the looks of the first series with nice Bundt wheels. But I tend to love any first series of any given car, so this is just a pure matter of taste.

The W second series cars are generally more sought-after cars because they are really more refined and essentially revamped cars. We just have to keep in mind to look a bit deeper. Corrosion and rust: the nemesis of any classic car enthusiast 2. Timing chain rattle: a ticking bomb under the hood. No matter how well everything else is. Ok then, go ahead.

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